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Dangerous Black Magic For Enemy Death Spells

More about black magic A powerful death spell How to cast a death spell What a death spell symbolizes Signs of a death spell Ho...

More about black magic A powerful death spell How to cast a death spell What a death spell symbolizes Signs of a death spell How to remove a death spell A death spell is one of the most dangerous magic spells. Most spell casters refuse to cast death spells because the price they will have to pay for it may be too high. A death spell is a black magic spell. To cast it, tools, such as photos, hair, blood, internals of animals and birds, are required. Certain rituals (described in ancient sources) require sacrifice of small animals and birds to call up evil spirits. A powerful death spell This ritual comes from the old African voodoo magic. African tribes preferred powerful black magic rituals to weapons. As a rule, a wax doll symbolizing the enemy was used. So, how to cast a death spell? During the third or fourth lunar phase, go to the cemetery. Prepare some beeswax, a round paper pentagram (13 cm in diameter), 5 candles, 15 safety pins, black ribbon/ thread, and a cardboard box (to be used as the doll’s coffin). Use the beeswax to make a figurine of a person (8-15 cm) and say, I name you (your enemy’s name).; Turn the doll to the west, north, south and the east, and say, “Fires and waves, earth and winds, spiral inside me, start turning. Magic begin!” Put the doll in the center of the pentagram, put candles on each of the four rays, and light them. Take a pin and warm it over the fire. Stick it in the doll’s foot (or pierce it through), stick another pin in the other foot and say, “The feet are dead.” Stick pins in the knees, saying, “The knees are dead.” Then stick pins in the hands and elbows of the doll. After that, you have to strike your enemy’s chakras. Stick pins from the groin to the head, saying, “I’m breaking the bones, twisting the joints, everything has rotten inside, the body is eaten by worms, the heart has dried, the brain has rotten. The soul, thoughts and will are gone.” Tie the doll with the black ribbon or thread, and say, “A seal has been attached to the power of magic, (the enemy’s name) will be gone in the morning!” Put the doll into the cardboard box and bury it saying, “Rest in peace (the enemy’s name).” Make kind of a gravestone to make the area look like a real grave. What a death spell symbolizes According to the voodoo magic, the ritual symbolizes birth, christening and death. The ritual is believed to doom the person to death. Never perform this ritual out of curiosity, in a fit of anger, or as revenge. Any mistake made while the ritual is performed can result in a fatal blow to the karma of the person performing the ritual. Signs of a death spell One of the most ancient rituals, it has effect the moment it’s performed. The person who has been cast a death spell on is easily distinguished by lackluster eyes, stoop, lack of interest in life. Such people often think about death and committing a suicide. This is irreversible and such people can’t be helped by medicine or psychotherapists. As a rule, people under the death curse die in an accident or of some unknown disease. If a disease is caused by a death spell, its origin remains unknown and therefore the disease can’t be treated. How to remove a death spell The ancient voodoo magic is so powerful that it’s beyond the power of most spell casters. Unfortunately, casting a death spell, the spell caster can’t guarantee that he’ll be able to remove it later on. Why? Because nobody can control dark forces and evil spirits but Satan. However, white spell casters and healers can save death spell victims if the cause of their problem is identified in time. Death spells can be removed with the help of Church, healing prayers, forty days’ health requiems, white magic spells and rituals performed using church candles, crosses, holy water, and labdanum. Identifying the location of the doll can help one remove a death spell as well. Treatment duration is individual. However, don’t forget that the ancient voodoo magic is very powerful. So don’t expect to get rid of the death spell instantly, even if you go to most powerful and experienced white spell casters and healers. Casting a death spell on someone is a sin. The fact that you are going to kill a person intentionally makes it even worse. Besides, if a white spell caster removes it, the spell strikes the black one who cast it in the first place. Thus, many black spell casters become victims of their own death spells and die a terrible death. Contact me and order any powerful spell.

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