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What are biggest secrets of Tantrik Babas

The most feared and the most respected clan of babas or ascetics of India , the Tantrik babas are notorious for their uncommon and grisly...

The most feared and the most respected clan of babas or ascetics of India , the Tantrik babas are notorious for their uncommon and grisly rituals they perform as a part and parcel of their religious routine, enough to arouse curiosity and awe among the public. Before going to facts lets know who the are.
Tantrik is a peculiar clan of of babas or ascetics of India. The Tantras is said to have been over 1000 years old, the first Tantra baba being Ramkali ji. They inhibit the city of Jaipur (Rajasthan), Near Gandhi Chowk, where the most revered temple of baglamukhi devi temple sameli. Tantriks are devotees of Shiva manifested as Bhairava, who seek moksha from the cycle of reincarnation. This freedom is a realization of the self’s identity with the absolute.
So, below is the list of odd and amazing facts about the lives of these Tantrik Babas, a sect of people who revere and relish what we usually dread – Death.
  • Profanity is the route to Nirvana:

For Dhuniwale Baba (as the locals call him) cursing in an utterly profane manner for virtually no reason. And is the only way he claims that can lead him to Nirvana or ultimate enlightenment. An incident reveals that when a man approached the baba seeking blessings regarding his daughter’s wedding, the baba cursed the man using utter obscenities and that his daughter would rot in hell. After three days the man was reported to have approached the baba again with some sweets stating that the baba’s blessings solved his problem. The Dhuniwale Bhaba is also notorious for throwing faeces on people who demand his blessings and the most awful yet unbelievable fact is that the people are very contended with his ‘prasad’ and some even take it home.
  • The nasty appetite:
All over India and among other curious westerners, the Aghori are well known for their extremely revolting appetite. Their food habits include whatever a civilized human being will not eat at any cost, such as rotten foods, foods from dump site, animal faeces, animal urine and putrefying human corpses which are most often eaten in a cup made of human skull. But they seem to have their own reasons for their nasty appetite. Consumption of excreta is said to kill ego and derail the human perception of beauty, which is essential for a man to lead his life as an Aghora.
  • Tailanga Swami:

Here comes another baba who did the unimaginable again. This baba is hailed as very powerful by the people of the locality. Records say that he was slapped and driven out of the Kasi Viswanath temple by a priest when he was worshipping and performing a puja on the sculpture of Lord Shiva using his own excreta. History says that Lord Shiva himself appeared in the dream of the local king of Benaras and complained about the insult meted out to Tailanga Swami, and also revealed that the swami was an incarnation of his holiness himself. The priest was also found dead mysteriously, later.
  • Legitimate Cannibalism:
In spite of Varanasi being a densely populated city, Cannibalism is openly practiced by the Aghoras in Varanasi without any public upheaval as they usually do not kill humans for their necrophagic needs, but only consume corpses from cremating grounds. Corpses are eaten raw and at times they are roasted over open flame. After eating a certain quantity of flesh, they start meditating sitting atop a corpse which is continued all night. If cannibalism amidst a populated city is not awkward enough, move on to the next item in the list.
  • A Creepy sense of fashion:

Tantras are known for their spooky sense of fashion. They move about in the city with nothing more on their bodies except a skimpy jute loin cloth and at times, nude. Being nude, in their terms is complete renunciation from the material world and its attachments. Most often, they smear their bodies with ash from human cremated remains to cover their nakedness. Talking about accessories, Human skulls are worn as jewelry around their necks. Some Tantras(or Tantrik) are also reported to roam around with the femur (thigh bone) of cremated people as a Tantran symbol. (May be as a walking stick). They never cut their hair, letting it to fall to their knees, making Tantras to be easily spotted anywhere amidst a hell of a crowd.
  • Mysterious medicines:
To the surprise and awe of the scientists all over the world, The Tantras claim they have medicines that can treat some of the most stubborn diseases such as Cancer and even AIDS. You guessed right. These medicines called ‘human oils’ come from burning the human body collected from the burning pyre. The babas claim that these medicines are very effective on curing the above mentioned diseases but are not used in modern medicine due to ethical considerations. However, the authenticity of their claim has never been tried and tested yet by the scientific community.
  • Tantrik powers and Black magic:
The healing powers of Tantrik Babas are said to come from their expertise in Black magic. What they say about these practices is that they never use their powers for harmful deeds. instead they absorb the diseases that plague the victims who visit them into their bodies and eliminate the diseases by burning them using Black magic. Certain Tantrik who intensely practice Black magic say the more they please Lord Shiva and goddess Kali, the more they gain powers of control over the environment and the forces of nature. But they never do it, as they adore and respect Mother Nature.

  • The ‘left way’ to reach god:
It may seem a pun, but actually it isn’t. While the whole world follows the right way to reach god, these sadhus proudly assert that they follow the ‘left way’ to reach god which is far quicker than the former. According to them, true godliness lies in seeking the ‘purity in the filthiest’. One of those sadhus says they are true Tantras if they were able to concentrate on god while performing the most perverted acts such as necrophilia, necrophagy and Coprophagy. To mention, the right ways to reach god include veganism, sanctity and abstinence from lust according to Hinduism.

  • Mantras, Tantras and Marijuana:

No Aghora would ever abstain himself from smoking Marijuana because they believe it is marijuana that helps them concentrate on religious mantras and the strenuous yogic practices they perform by routine. In spite of being under the effect of marijuana all the time they appear very sober and calm. When asked by curious visitors that whether they consume weed for pleasure, they abruptly deny the assertion. The delusion and hallucinations provided by weeds are taken as religious ecstasies and heightened spiritual experiences.

  • The ‘Five M’ Concept:

And finally, The Tantras are cool enough to compile their beliefs into a 5M protocol. The five M concept has many other different versions , but the Tantriks version of the 5M concept or Dakshinakara has its own translation of the original.
Madya – Wine (which means a heavenly fluid which drips from the glands of human brain.)
Mamsa – Meat (swallowing the tongue)
Matsya- fish (twin-fish an ‘8’ shaped structure which forms a part of the backbone)
Mudra- parched grain (positions of Kundalini yoga, followed by Tantrik ascetics)
Maithuna- Sexual intercourse. (should be learnt from a Sriguru)

  • The shocking sex rituals
As per the Tantriks, when the goddess Kali demands satisfaction in sex, they then have to find an appropriate corpse and have sexual intercourse with it. In his interview with Davor Rostuhar, Meronath says "The reason why we do things that seem outrageous to the outside world is actually simple. To find purity in the filthiest! If an Tantrik manages to remain focused on God even during sex with a corpse or while eating a human brain, then he is on the right way.

The human skull or 'kali' is the true sign of a tantrik
This is the first thing he must procure from the floating corpses of holy men in rivers where they are laid to rest. After he receives the magical incantation from his guru, he starts his life as an Tantrik, eating the remnants of the dead and bathing in the icy waters of the Ganga. The fire pit is his temple, and the abode of ghosts and evil spirits his home. 

The Tantrik cannibles of India are devoted to Shiva manifested as Bhairava, a powerful Hindu god of death and destruction often ominously referred to as “The Destroyer”. These monks are feared by most of the countryman and are expelled from the native land. Spotting few weird facts in details of these Tantrik the man eaters.
Tantrik Eating Dead
Tantrik are known for their disturbing nature to eat anything. It is discovered that the mysterious tribe members live in cemeteries and feast on human flesh as part of their rituals. They will also eat rotten food, putrefied garbage, and even excreta such as human feces or urine. Often these items will be consumed out of a human skull bowl or some other dish made from human bones. To an Tantrik, eating garbage is all the same as eating anything else.
Tantrik uses Corpses and Skull

Tantrik are known to use corpses as a communion table to pray or meditate, a practice known as shava samskara. As per ritual they believe the dead body is a symbol of their own body. The human flesh that is consumed is cut from corpses and then either eaten raw, cooked over an open flame, or sometimes even in a corrupt state. As rituals the The corpses are mostly gathered from the bodies of the dead floating down the sacred Ganges River. In India, many bodies are cremated, but in Hinduism there are certain types of people that are not to be cremated. These include children, holy men, pregnant women, unmarried women, and those who have died of either leprosy, suicide, or snake bites. Rather than cremation, these bodies are cast upon the holy waters of the Ganges River to be carried away and have all sins washed away. Even bodies that are set on fire to be cremated will often be floated down the river, where the fire will eventually go out leaving them only half-burnt. The Tantrik will fish these corpses from the river for their purposes, after which they will do a prayer for the dead before using the bodies as altars, fashioning items from the bones, or consuming their flesh.
Tantrik healing power

The healing powers of Tantrik babas are said to come from their expertise in Black magic.  See more

Who are Tantriks ?
Tantriks are simple beings or beings who live with complete simplicity. Today, we have complicated religion to a very large extent. We perform rituals, ceremonies and practice techniques in a roundabout way to achieve health and wealth. But I tell you, religion is not meant just for health and wellness. Its main purpose is to help you break your negative mental patterns and achieve the ultimate. Health and wellness should only be a by-product. Tantriks directly work on breaking these patterns and simplifying religion. They don’t do things in a roundabout way.
Tantriks are not dream sellers. Anybody who sells you a technique and asks you to go on practicing it, assuring you that one day God will give you enlightenment, is a dream seller. I always tell people to work with unclutching for just 10 days. If it works, it works, otherwise forget about it. In 10 days itself, you will see a major breakthrough. When you experience the breakthrough, you are growing. If you tell an Tantrik that God is all powerful and if you pray to him he will come and bless you, he will simply laugh at you. Like I said, Tantriks are not dream sellers.
The Nature of Tantriks
Tantriks can often seem like nightmares. They are embodiments of Lord Shiva walking on the planet, trying to wake people up. If you are too attached to life, then even the very sight of an Tantrik will frighten you. Today, I see how people have lost connection with simplicity. Everything is seen with perversion. Tantriks are a tradition who are straightforward and simple. They are the embodiment of simplicity. Their way of thinking is beautiful, simple, innocent and straightforward.

Before going to the secrets of tantriks, I expect you all must be knowing what aghori is, in case you're unaware, let me give a brief description.
Tantriks are type of sadhus or you may call a pandit with uncommon rituals and ways of worship. They're never occult practitioners, they worship Lord Shiva and Shakti. Shakti is mother form of goddess, which includes Maa Durga, Maha Kali, kamakhya, Tara, Parvati, gouri and God forbid there are infinite names of the almighty. They do eat human flesh, but just once in life and that too from the funeral pyre, they don't kill someone to eat. They do smoke weed, but never encourage or force anyone who approach them. They donot make or influence anyone to go their way.
Talking about their secrets, there are many, but I'll share the ones I'm aware of.
Firstly, the secrets is, from where they belong?? When I aksed an tantrik ,"बाबा, आप कहाँ के रहने वाले हो?" (In English, baba, where do you come from?). His strange answer would be, " बेटा, डरो मत, धरती के बाहर का नहीं हूँ।" ( don't be scared, I'm not from out of earth). They say, because they've left their home, they don't talk of them.
Second is, how do they earn their living? Unlike the sadhus we see, they ask for money for their help they provide. Tantriks never ask for anything. I wonder how they eat and stay alive. One of them said that some cultivate their own food to eat. But don't know what about others.
Moving on to next one, their mantras and rituals. If you're a believer of miracles, ghost and supernatural, you'll understand it better. The tantriks are the most powerful weapon against the ghost or supernatural. They wander in funeral grounds all the day and night. Normally we don't go there even in daylight. So, I just thought to get any mantra or a tip to be protected, he said ," अवश्य बता दूंगा अगर तुम भी मेरे साथ महा काली की भक्ति करने चलो।" ( I'll say it definitely, but when you come along me in worship of Maha Kali)
Next is, their population. You never know how many tantriks are actually living. Even they're not counted in census. Who'll dare go in the woods to count them. Some may think they're few in number, let me correct you, there are many. Their actual number can be thought of when you see them gathering in the great AMBUBACHI MELA, held every year in Kamakhya temple. Thousands gather there, but, it's just the tantriks of Assam state. The tantriks of UP appear all together in kumbha mela, tantriks of Maharashtra too appear in kumbha. Tantriks of Madhya Pradesh appear in shivratri at Mahakaleshwar, Ujjain. Bihari tantriks appear in Devghar at the time of shravani Mela or in Gaya at Pitra paksh. And so on...........
The last one as far as I know is, who do they fear from?? Whenever you ask an tantrik to chant a death spell or some other spell which can harm anyone on some person, they just run away from there, literally, they run away. I heard this fact a long back and even tried it, believe me, the tantrik just sent me away from there. He said, " नहीं बेटा, बुरा करूँगा तो वो मुझे छोड़ेगा नहीं।" ( be gone from here, he'll never forgive me if I do something wrong). I wonder who's this "वो", from this tantriks fear?? I think it's the omniscient Lord Shiva whom they worship, or maybe some other deity. Even I asked that what happens if you do something wrong to any person? He pointed out to a decaying dead body. It was barely recognizable whether it was a man or woman. He said, this is a dead body of an aghori who chanted a death spell ( मारण ) on a person who teased him, the person did die, but he too died in a mysterious way. He said it's forbidden to perform last rights of tantrik who died of something like this. 

Thanks for request.However I seriously don't know much about Tantrik babas.(I have just seen them on tv to be true, so not the best person to answer).Most of the stuff I know about them is from internet or what I have heard people say.Like the stuff people have already mentioned and is no secret.
Tantrik babas are also not just concentrated to northern part of India but there are cults in MP (which is very much known for black magic),Maharashtra,Bengal so basically north ,south,east and west.They are pretty secretive cult though.
Tantriks believe that every person's soul is Shiva but is covered by aṣṭamahāpāśa"eight great nooses or bonds" - sensual pleasure, anger, greed, obsession, fear and hatred. The practices of the Tantriks are centered around the removal of these bonds.Some people even equate the kundalini with these eight bonds. One of the many reasons why people should not indulge in kundalini activation as preached by some gurus is because its actually a way of disconnecting from materialistic world and relationships bonds .That's what these sadhus try to do by doing things that are abhorred by normal humans or normal.people are scared to do like staying in a crematory. Some sadhus warn that if kundalini activation goes wrong it can make you go mad .I heard it in some video “a baba saying that its similar to how your computer crashes when you try upgrading it and don't have enough memory lol.”
I guess like all mystic practioners they don't really reveal their secrets unless you join them.I have heard that their initiation ceremony is tough and not every aspiring candidate gets to join them.
I guess they have to also perform their last rites before joining the group and after that they are not allowed to meet any relatives.
Also the gurus teach you their tricks as per their whimps.


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